I’m glad you’re here! I hope you’ll peek around the site a bit and take full advantage of all of the resources I have for you. You’ll find lots of valuable tools and training {and free stuff!} to strengthen you as a lady who leads…and you know, when you strengthen yourself, you strengthen your team!

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Whether you found Gutsy Grace Leaders through a friend, a social post, or some other serendipity, I believe you’re here on purpose. I’m glad you’re here, and I imagine we have a few things in common. If you’re like me, this may sound a lot like you…

  • You love leading others!
  • You are way past wondering if women can lead – because you’ve proven they can.
  • You embrace being a lady {which means you can be prissy and powerful at the same time!}
  • You want to become the best version of yourself and encourage others to become their best too.
  • You define success as creating the freedom to fulfill your significance and live out your purpose your way.

and if we’re both being completely honest and transparent, then this may sound familiar too

  • We feel like our ‘work is never done.’
  • We sometimes get frustrated with the slow pace of projects and people.
  • We know we should care for ourselves first, but often end up last on our own to-do lists.
  • We love our families, but we love our work too, and miss them both when we’re not with them.
  • We have at times considered giving up as leaders, taking easier roads, and just being ‘normal’, but we’re not quitters!

I get it. I’ve experienced the struggle too. It grieves me to see ladies wrestle in their leadership roles, or worse yet, to give up because it’s just so hard sometimes.  I have been the only lady around the boardroom table several times throughout my career. I’ve pioneered for women in leadership for things as important as equitable pay to well-deserved titles… I even once led a ‘no more pantyhose’ charge to free us girls! 😉 I’ve struggled to find the balance in nurturing my family while doing the work I love, while somehow feeling guilty for succeeding and short-changing in both areas simultaneously. I’ve had the privilege to hire awesome people, and the unfortunate responsibility to transition some equally great people too. Leadership is not for sissies…but women give birth for heaven’s sake – we can handle anything!

I want you to love leading as much as I do, because your influence matters. I want you to lead for the long term, because people around you need your wisdom, your encouragement, and your voice of experienceOur world needs your leadership, now more than ever.

I founded Gutsy Grace Leaders for ladies like us…ladies who thrive on ‘getting it done’ with excellence and elegance. I want to share with you all of the practical wisdom I’ve learned and resources I’ve found (or created when I couldn’t find them) to help you lead with more excellence, ease and enjoyment. You can find many of them here…

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You don’t need to be frazzled, frustrated or fed up in leadership.
You can lead with excellence, ease, and yes, even enjoyment!

We have a growing community of ladies – just like you – who are doing their best to do their best, We’re “spurring one another on to good works” in a {free!} faith-centered fellowship. So we’d be especially blessed to have you as part of our wonderful community of ladies who lead!

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I hope you’ll reach out to me in the community, social media, or email, so that we can connect.
Let me know how I can support you enjoy leadership journey!