Friendships in Leadership: They’re Possible and Necessary

Before we delve into the very real blessing of friendship in leadership, let’s tackle the elephant in the room first. If you are a leader, or a woman, or, well, human, then you have probably been hurt by a friend. You’ve learned what disloyalty, mistrust, betrayal, or abandonment is through tough, tearful experiences. “Ugh! Why would […]

3D Leadership

delegate, develop, and detour like Jesus

The life of Jesus teaches many leadership concepts for leaders to embrace. Though most notable as a servant leader, he was also a teacher, mentor, nurturer, trainer, and accomplisher. Leaders become great when they model Jesus in three key elements of His leadership: delegation, development and detours.

How to Lead from Your Core Values

Mission statements are important. A great mission statement will succinctly express your primary purpose and goal for your organization. Whether it is formally stated or not {hint, it should be} there is always a reason why a company is formed, organization is launched or business is started. But a mission statement shouldn’t stand alone. It […]


the spark that ignites passion for life and purpose for living

Why is faith so important? Because it always points us to a life of significance.   God has big plans for you – plans to give you a future filled with hope. It is important to have faith in yourself and in your ability, but even more essential that you have faith in God, the Creator of […]