3 Things Your Employees Want More Than Money

November 2, 2013



Often in ministry our budgets are lower than what we’d like to be able to honor people with what they are worth. But money is not the only way to motivate and appreciate staff members and volunteers. This article points to mastering, membership, and meaning as great motivators in business, and I think in ministry too.

Bible Study Tools

I’m often asked which Bible I prefer when I am studying or preparing messages. Honestly, I do most of my studying and researching online now. One of my favorite online Bible resource is Bible Study Tools. From this one link, you can compare a scripture in several versions, research commentaries, and review concordances all in one place.

THE Manicure Answer!

Dazzle Dry – THE nail polish for busy women!

Most of us leading ladies feel pressured to ‘look the part’ all of the time. You shouldn’t necessarily strive to look fabulous when in bed with the flu, but you never know who you’ll meet in the grocery store, so you might want to make a little effort there. We cannot always be photo-ready, but we can at least try to present our best in the moment. There are many tricks to making yourself appear lovely no matter where you are such as posture and facial expression. You will always look better when standing upright with one foot slightly forward and a smile on your face! Another practical way that you can seem ‘pulled together’ is to have well manicured nails.  (more…)


I just discovered this delicious site – foodgawker! Loaded with recipes on very organized ‘cards’, this food site is like a virtual cookbook full of pictures…like Pinterest on steroids! If you like the look of these Mini No-Bake Nutella Cheesecakes, visit!