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7 DaysAs leaders, it is vital that we stay inspired, encouraged, and passionate…but sometimes we are so busy leading, deciding, managing, solving and motivating that we forget to stop and refresh our own souls.

7 Days of Inspiration for Leaders is daily email that includes a 2-minute video, scripture, and key thought for the day.So, for seven days, let’s take just five intentional minutes a day to stoke our leadership fires!Find Out More



Ladies like us are busy! So I have some quick shots of leadership nuggets to help you build a stronger team. These candid video chats are a great place for you to ask me questions related to your leadership too.

Topics range from overcoming overwhelm to motivating your team. I hope to connect with you in one of my upcoming live sessions!
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playlist coverIf you’re like me, you’re always trying to find shortcuts that save time but don’t shortchange excellence. As leaders sometimes we don’t have the budget to hire additional staff or outsource tasks, so I created this series of {free} timesaver workshops to support you and your team with tips, tools, and techy training in a how-to, hands-on format.

Join the workshops and learn to use great tools like Canva to create your own graphics or grab tips to put more time back in your day.