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Personalized Coaching for Life and Leadership

Partnering with me as a coach for collaboration, encouragement, and accountability can increase your personal and professional growth exponentially. I coach an exclusive group of influencers who desire to maximize their potential and optimize their opportunities. Each of my coaching packages includes unlimited email support, scheduled video or phone sessions, and access to additional as-needed coaching plans to help you maintain momentum. If you’d like to learn more about coaching with me click here to schedule a complimentary coaching consultation. 

STRENGTHS Coaching  |  live & lead from your strengths

Become your best! It’s so much easier when you embrace who your Creator made you to be.   When you lead from your God-given talents, you’re able to leverage your efforts for more success. The Strengths Coaching session will help you embrace your strengths to experience more clarity, certainty, confidence and courage in life. Strengths Coaching includes the StrengthsFinder Assessment and a one-hour coaching session via phone, video, or meeting to discuss how to leverage your top five strengths as assets in your life and leadership. Team Coaching packages are also available. 

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  ideation to implementation

“Can you help me think through this?” that’s the question I get most often. Following in a close second is, “Can I pick your brain about…?” Yes, yes you can! I love dreaming up ideas, creating action plans, developing implementation strategies, solving problems, anticipating outcomes, and all things creative and strategic thinking. Strategy Coaching is more of a consulting/coaching/collaboration session, because I’ll give you my best suggestions, talk out the issues with you, put pen to paper and devise a plan of action. Depending on your intentions, 1-hour to half-day sessions are available. Get started by completing a simple form explaining your goals, then we’ll schedule a time to strategize.

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  enjoying the  kaleidoscope of life

Don’t look for balance – seek to flourish! Becoming a successful lady in leadership is not about finding balance, but about flourishing in each facet of your life. When you clearly define success and carefully refine your approach to life, you will find more effectiveness, ease and enjoyment. This program offers a blueprint for you to create the personal life you long for while building the professional and ministry career you’re called to do. The Signature Coaching program includes 8, 30-minute sessions with each one dedicated to a specific area of your success blueprint.

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Some often asked questions about coaching…  

Do I need a coach if I already have really great friends? 
Often, my clients do indeed have strong friendships and family relationships. If you have someone with whom you feel safe pitching the craziest ideas, trusting for a brutally honest answer, or expecting a totally unbiased opinion, you have rare friends indeed! However, most of us need someone who is a strong ‘sounding board’ or ‘truth-teller’ that will also help us keep our promises to ourselves through accountability. Having a coach is like having a friend who is infinitely open-minded to your ideas and eternally optimistic in your potential. Who doesn’t need a coach?

What is coaching like? 
All coaches have their own coaching style and process. I am an advocate of coaching by inquiry – that is, I love to ask probing questions! As a vision strategist, I enjoy helping people broaden their vision with stimulating questions, then focusing their strategy through laser inquiries. After all, who can have a better answer about your life than you? I also believe that consistency is key to momentum, so I coach using frequent conversations, about every couple of weeks, via phone, Zoom or Skype, interlaced with unlimited emails and chats. I also integrate ‘pre-work’ which includes activities, assessments, and assignments that engage the client in-between coaching sessions.

How do I know if coaching, or Sheila, is right for me?
Because each professional coach has his or her own style of coaching clients, it’s important to understand if their style is a good match for your own goals. You knowing how I coach, what I expect of clients, and what my clients can expect of me is very important to me, so I’ve provided my coaching philosophy below. (Basically, you can expect me to coach you with gutsy grace.)  I dedicate a significant amount of time and attention to each client, so I have limited availability for 1:1 clients. If you are interested investing in coaching, click here to connect with me!

What is my investment?
Well, usually when I get this question, you’re asking about money. We’ll get to that. But first I want to tell you about the other investments you’ll need to make if you want to coach with me (or any other coach). You will need to invest quality time to work on your goals. “But I don’t have time!” Yes, you do. We all have 168 hours this week. You just have to determine how many of those hours you’re going to invest toward the outcome you’re craving. You’ll also have to invest vulnerability. You see, you’re here because you want change. “No, I want growth; I don’t want change!” Yes, you do. You cannot have growth without change. Consider a flower, the caterpillar, your kids…their growth requires change. Change requires the vulnerability of authenticity. Finally, yes, you will need to invest in your goals financially too. The investment for most of the single coaching sessions is $180. The packages with series of sessions is determined by many factors including how many sessions, how much time during each session, and how much between session coaching is desired. “But I can’t afford it!” Yes, you can. My friend, if you’ve taken the time to read all of the information on this page, you know that you really need this. You can find a way to cut a few expenses or earn a little extra to invest in your peace, your dream, your team, and your life. If you need some help figuring out how you can find a way to fund your growth, we can talk about it together —  oh yeah, your first session is completely FREE with no obligation or arm-twisting.

My coaching style…

I collaborate.

I consider it a privilege to assist others as they pursue their potential. So, I am selective in working with clients; I want the relationship to be reciprocal. My clients are all eager, interested, and progressive, and view coaching as collaborative. My job as your coach is to partner with you as you pursue progress in your personal, spiritual, and professional life.

I expect effort.
If you are hiring me, then you’re probably ready to do and be your best. And if you aren’t doing your best, I’ll challenge you on it. If you have obstacles, I’ll understand, and I’ll work with you to remove them. Together we’ll keep you focused on your priorities to make the progress that you want and deserve.

I ask tough questions.
I usually have more questions than anyone else in a conversation. I believe that questions stir creativity, illuminate innovation and challenge convictions. From time to time, I’ll ask a frank question, like “Are you still committed to reaching your goal of X by the end of the month?” You may say yes, say no, or offer another alternative. It’s your journey, so I’ll support you at your pace…but I will remind you of you commitments to yourself along the way.

I give straight advice.
I don’t always have the right answer, but I do always have opinions. If I am sure of the situation, and if you’re open to it, I’ll make specific suggestions on how to handle a problem or go for an opportunity. If I am not sure, I’ll say so. I may also refer you to research for the right resource. Together we will find answers to keep you moving forward.

I pay attention.
I pick up on nuances in conversation like an uncertain tone or hesitancy in answering. When I do, I’ll ask you about it. Often, it is these small moments that offer the chance to resolve something that is standing in your way to success.

I give prep-work.
I usually ask that the client come up with two or three goals or actions to have between one call and the next. If it is too much, say so. If you want more, just ask. Pace is an important part of the process, so we’ll adjust it as needed.

I’m your partner, not your parent.
I expect you to use me as a resource, not to become dependent on me. My hope is that through coaching you will become more introspective, self-reliant, and resilient.

I am available.
I am only an email away. I offer you unlimited email support. I’m also available by Zoom, Skype, chat, or phone with prior arrangements as needed for simple questions or big discussions.

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