4 Ways to Find Yourself Again When You Feel Lost as a Leader

As leaders, we are always learning in our field, growing as a person, and honing our leadership savvy. Leadership is a journey of mastering our own thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, so that we can succeed and serve others well. No matter what level of success we achieve as a leader, self-mastery is one area than […]

How to Stay Encouraged When You Feel Hopeless and Frustrated in Leadership

In my own transitions throughout the years I’ve rarely had one epiphany that snapped me out of frustration or disappointment into vigor and vision again in one moment.  Instead, I’ve more often gone from a daily struggle to a weekly struggle, then felt the struggle diminish more and more over months. I’d like to say that I’ve […]

Friendships in Leadership: They’re Possible and Necessary

Before we delve into the very real blessing of friendship in leadership, let’s tackle the elephant in the room first. If you are a leader, or a woman, or, well, human, then you have probably been hurt by a friend. You’ve learned what disloyalty, mistrust, betrayal, or abandonment is through tough, tearful experiences. “Ugh! Why would […]


the spark that ignites passion for life and purpose for living

Why is faith so important? Because it always points us to a life of significance.   God has big plans for you – plans to give you a future filled with hope. It is important to have faith in yourself and in your ability, but even more essential that you have faith in God, the Creator of […]

a few of my favorite things

what i love… ~ teavana. hot and cold. pretty much any blend. ~ double tall, decaf, almond milk, flat white. ~ stylish, comfortable high heeled shoes ~ trendy, unique office supplies why i laugh… ~ my husband, pretty much every day for 25 years ~ my sisters. we’ve never been together without laughing ~ madea […]

THE Manicure Answer!

Dazzle Dry – THE nail polish for busy women!

Most of us leading ladies feel pressured to ‘look the part’ all of the time. You shouldn’t necessarily strive to look fabulous when in bed with the flu, but you never know who you’ll meet in the grocery store, so you might want to make a little effort there. We cannot always be photo-ready, but we can at least try to present our best in the moment. There are many tricks to making yourself appear lovely no matter where you are such as posture and facial expression. You will always look better when standing upright with one foot slightly forward and a smile on your face! Another practical way that you can seem ‘pulled together’ is to have well manicured nails.  (more…)


I just discovered this delicious site – foodgawker! Loaded with recipes on very organized ‘cards’, this food site is like a virtual cookbook full of pictures…like Pinterest on steroids! If you like the look of these Mini No-Bake Nutella Cheesecakes, visit!