How Leaders Can Build Rock-Solid, Unshakeable Trust with Their Teams

The number of ways leaders can break trust with their teams seems infinite. Half-truths, exaggeration, and flat out lies are what we most often think of, but even small infractions can wear away at the foundation of a trusting work relationship. The secret ingredient to building trust with your team is consistency. It’s that intangible […]

How Women Leaders Can Say ‘No’ and Feel Good About It

Do you ever say ‘yes’ just because you don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings or seem uncooperative? Do you often say ‘no’ and then apologize your way back into a ‘yes’ after all? Yeah, we women, even as leaders, tend to struggle with saying ‘no’ and feeling good about it, don’t we? Why is that? […]

4 Ways to Find Yourself Again When You Feel Lost as a Leader

As leaders, we are always learning in our field, growing as a person, and honing our leadership savvy. Leadership is a journey of mastering our own thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, so that we can succeed and serve others well. No matter what level of success we achieve as a leader, self-mastery is one area than […]

How to Stay Encouraged When You Feel Hopeless and Frustrated in Leadership

In my own transitions throughout the years I’ve rarely had one epiphany that snapped me out of frustration or disappointment into vigor and vision again in one moment.  Instead, I’ve more often gone from a daily struggle to a weekly struggle, then felt the struggle diminish more and more over months. I’d like to say that I’ve […]

Friendships in Leadership: They’re Possible and Necessary

Before we delve into the very real blessing of friendship in leadership, let’s tackle the elephant in the room first. If you are a leader, or a woman, or, well, human, then you have probably been hurt by a friend. You’ve learned what disloyalty, mistrust, betrayal, or abandonment is through tough, tearful experiences. “Ugh! Why would […]

3D Leadership

delegate, develop, and detour like Jesus

The life of Jesus teaches many leadership concepts for leaders to embrace. Though most notable as a servant leader, he was also a teacher, mentor, nurturer, trainer, and accomplisher. Leaders become great when they model Jesus in three key elements of His leadership: delegation, development and detours.