3 Ways Leaders Get the Important Things Finished

Most of us are accustomed to living with a budget in mind. We know how much we can spend on groceries and our other monthly bills. We also hopefully keep a budget for our biz or ministry. We know how much we have, how much we can spend and we try to control that spending because it keeps us in balance. Balancing a budget is all about managing income and expenses or deposits and withdrawals. But we have more treasured resources that need to be kept in balance too, so shouldn’t we budget them as well?

Let’s take a few minutes to reflect on some of your most precious commodities and how you can begin to budget them to stay in balance. Here are three resources you can budget:


We each have 24 hours in a day, 7 days a week – that’s 168 hours every week. We have limited time. We can’t get more time, but we can intentionally choose how we’re spending it. Especially in balancing our time between work, service, family, and relationships. We need to look at all of those things that expend our time and where we can best invest our time for the greatest return.

Take a look at your calendar and hold yourself accountable. When you say, ‘Yes’ to one thing, you’re also saying, ‘No’ to something else. You need to make sure that you’re making the right deposits of your time into the right things and the right people. Again, it’s withdrawals and deposits.


We need to be intentional in managing our energy, both physical and emotional. If you’re not getting proper rest and fueling your body with the right nutrients, then you’re not helping your body recover all the lost energy. We have to make sure that we’re treating our body well so it can function and serve well.

Maintaining a positive environment and attitude is important too. Negative interactions drain the energy from us. But positivity is a deposit – it’s an energizer. Be the thermostat and set a positive environment for yourself and others around you.


Brain research says that you can get more accomplished if you isolate and focus on one thing at a time. Some people are gifted with high focus and they can just zone into one thing. But most of us have to help ourselves to do that. One of the ways I can help to do that is to turn off electronic notifications to minimize distractions. Also, I set a time limit to focus on the task at hand. If you don’t give your brain space and time to rest or drink enough water to keep the brain fresh, you’re doing more withdrawing that you are depositing. If you want to have great focus restrict distractions and schedule breaks to refresh.

Budgeting life is much more than finances – it’s the more important things too. You have only 168 hours to steward your purpose and relationships this week. Be intentional this week about planning your deposits for your time, energy and focus, and you’ll find that your return will be worth your investment.

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