Meet Sheila

I want you to love leading as much as I do, because your influence matters.

People around you need your wisdom, your encouragement, and your voice of experience. I founded Gutsy Grace Leaders for ladies like us…ladies who thrive on ‘getting it done’ with excellence and grace. I want to share with you all of the practical wisdom I’ve learned and resources I’ve found (or created when I couldn’t find them) to help you lead with more excellence, ease and enjoyment.

I’m here to remind you that we need for you to lead in this world

Sheila & Keith

Sheila & Keith

One of the things I love most is to see ladies flourishing as leaders. We are made for leadership.

It grieves me to see ladies struggle in their leadership roles, or worse yet, to give up because it’s just so hard sometimes. I get it. I’ve experienced the struggle too. I have been the only lady around the boardroom table several times throughout my career. I’ve pioneered for women in leadership for things as important as equitable pay to well-deserved titles… I even once led a ‘no more pantyhose’ charge to free us girls! 😉 I’ve struggled to find the balance in nurturing my family while doing the work I love, while somehow feeling guilty for succeeding and short-changing both areas. I’ve had the privilege to hire awesome people, and the unfortunate responsibility to transition some great people too. I know that leadership is not for sissies…but women give birth for heaven’s sake – we can handle anything!

If you have struggled with balancing life and leadership, accomplishing more ‘stuff’ so that you can influence more people, overcoming overwhelm or finding joy in your leadership journey, I can help you. Whether you are an emerging, established or expert leader, we have a community and resources that can encourage you and make your life of leadership easier.

I believe that every person is created on purpose, with purpose, for purpose.
So, I crave opportunities to help others realize their value

and maximize their potential.

 I have always been a hopeful daydreamer.
So, I love creating a brighter future,

becoming a better person,
and doing bigger things.

 I admire the courage of authenticity.
So, I celebrate collaboration and diversity,

embrace open-mindedness,
appreciate freedom and
enjoy conversation.

On a personal note…
I find that the most interesting things about a person, or at least what I want to know most about them, often aren’t found in their formal introductions or resumes. {Really, isn’t knowing that I’m a Nutella addict more interesting than knowing my dissertation topic?!} So, I’ve shared a bit of more about myself in the links below.  I know that professional expertise and educational experience are both important as well, {and I have a lot invested in those too!} so I have included more about those in my bio if you’re interested. I’d love to connect with you and get to know about you too, so I hope you’ll drop by my Facebook page and introduce yourself!

— Blessings, Sheila

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