5 Steps to Getting Your Team Back on Course When You’re Losing Focus

Have you ever felt like a hamster in a wheel, running full speed but going nowhere? Yeah, me too! When so many things become priorities that you can no longer determine what the real priority is, you and your team may find yourselves busy, but not so productive. Frankly it’s pretty easy to get to the place where everything feels urgent for a team, especially when your organization is growing, but your team is small. When you feel like a squirrel scampering in zig-zags down the middle of the road, it’s time to get back on course with these five steps:

1. Review 
Much time can pass between the creation and completion of your goals with many opportunities to ‘table’, ‘back burner’, or ‘parking lot’ what you were once so fired up to accomplish. Reviewing your goals periodically will keep all of your big ideas in the forefront and motivate you to continually assess and prioritize them. The first step in getting back on course is reviewing your destination.

2. Regroup
As you’re reviewing your goals, sort each goal into one of the following categories:
Done: Take a moment to celebrate the wins that you may have rushed passed while moving on to the next thing.
Do: If it is a priority, then determine a deadline, create an action plan, and assign an ‘owner’ from your team.
Delegate: If you don’t have a team member available or capable of the task, then outsource it…remember it’s a priority, so do it or delegate it.
Defer: If the goal is still important to you, but not a priority for this quarter, the defer it to another quarter…but assign the quarter.
Delete: You may find that the goal you were once eager to complete is no longer important – maybe the passion has passed or situation has changed. If so, give yourself permission to delete it from the list. You do not have to finish everything you start if it no longer serves you.

3. Refocus
Once you have your list of goals to do or delegate, identify the trigger goal. Accomplishing your trigger goal will be a catalyst of focus and kick-start your team’s momentum.  Create an action plan for the goal including all of the steps needed to complete it, with timelines and owners for each step.

4. Recharge
Once you have a focused plan, it’s time to rally the troops! As a leader, it’s your responsibility to motivate your team, provide support, on-going advise, and course-correction as needed until the job is done.

5. Rejoice 
High performers are often quick to check the ‘Done’ column and move not the the next thing. Don’t do it! Take time to celebrate your team’s accomplishments with them – ring a bell, send an email, have a party, write a note…do something to rejoice!

As busy entrepreneurs and executives we often have many irons in the fire, maybe even many irons in many fires. We have to intentionally stay focused on the right things at the right time to maintain momentum for our team to consistently succeed.


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